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Moving tips from Uster-Transporte


First of all, the administrative side: Of course, (almost) every move requires the termination of the current living situation. We'll just assume that a new home was found before the notice was given. The timely termination is only the first of a whole series of administrative steps that make a move go smoothly. For all further measures there is this helpful checklist , which helps you to think about all registrations, cancellations and changes

Prepare to move

If you plan to have the same number of friends and acquaintances after your move as before, get enough moving boxes. They are one of your best allies during the actual reins and have various advantages:

  1. Your belongings are easy to transport.

  2. You can do a lot of preparatory work and better "muck it out": the more often you are asked "should this object really be with me or should I dispose of it", the better.

  3. The move is quick and easy.

  4. Moving boxes are easy to stack and save a lot of space during transport.

  5. You can “curb thematically”: A box marked “Kitchen” actually ends up in your new apartment where it should go.

  6. Annoying sticking shut is no longer an issue with modern moving boxes with rebate locks!

Make sure not to pack the boxes too heavily, your reins will thank you for it. In addition, you do not run the risk of the box breaking open below and your belongings spreading on the floor.

Bubble wrap, protective foam film, edge protection (e.g. for your beloved picture frames) or tissue paper will also do you a great service. In this way you can protect fragile or sensitive items and in this way prevent you from suddenly being left without glasses in your new home.

moving day

Good friends and acquaintances are worth gold, or Uster Transporte Adama willingly give you their time and their muscles. These should be requested as far in advance as possible. In addition to providing enough drinks and snacks, the purchase of a transport aid cannot hurt either. In order to avoid that you or your helpers strain your muscles or lift yourself up, it makes sense to get a platform cart, for example. (Incidentally, this will always serve you well later ...).

A well-stocked tool case and a cordless screwdriver are also absolutely indispensable so that you can professionally dismantle your furniture and make it ready to move and screw it back together again in your new home. It is also advisable to reassemble the furniture in the new apartment on the day of the move. So you can relax and recover in your cozy bed for the first night in your new home after you've moved.

In order to be able to transport this piece of furniture as safely as possible, rein blankets are really practical. Because it is really very annoying when furniture is damaged during transport.

Apartment cleaning

When the old apartment is abandoned, it's time to clean it. Here, too, Uster-Transporte Adama has made the experience that, in addition to the conventional cleaning utensils, there are some helpful “additional instruments” that should not be missing from any final cleaning of the apartment: mold remover, one or the other dirt remover sponge, limestone remover, drain cleaner , the suitable means for floor care and last but not least (and what you ALWAYS forget when cleaning) adhesive remover. A window vacuum or a steam cleaner can also relieve you of a lot of work. After all, “pore-deep” cleaning is a different caliber than the annual spring cleaning. And since the deposit is often at stake, it is advisable not to save on cleaning materials.

And when everything is sparkling clean, then it is still important to remove the last traces of his presence in the old apartment: the dowel holes. Putty and a suitable spatula ensure a satisfactory result. And for a lot of satisfaction with the landlord of the apartment during the acceptance.

Moving into the new apartment

Now that you have managed the move perfectly, your friends and acquaintances survived everything intact and in good spirits and your furniture has reached its new location without dents or scratches, the rest is child's play. Since you take all of your furniture in your hand, it makes sense to use furniture glides generously in order to protect the floor. And if you really want to carefully draw up the list of defects for your new apartment, measure the current at your sockets with a measuring device.

If you have a cellar compartment or a storage room in your new apartment, it is advisable to procure a resilient heavy-duty shelf that does not collapse even if you “torment” it with fully packed UTZ containers.

Now we wish you a lot of fun in your new 4 walls and hope that you have now become a relocation fan and cannot wait for the next move.

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